Switzerland is a country that offers much to those who decide to make it the centre of their life or economic activities.

The highest quality of life maintained thanks to consistent stability, security and first class educational and health care facilities makes Switzerland a unique place to live.

Its strategic position and the advantages of a strong economy that is at the forefront in many sectors make Switzerland an ideal platform for developing any kind of economic activity. Efficient public administration, moderate taxation, the presence of complete and advanced services and the availability of qualified human resources are just some of the factors that make the Swiss economy particularly attractive.

Our company is based in lugano, canton of ticino, the southernmost of the 26 swiss cantons.

The Canton of Ticino has always been a bridge between North and South Europe. It is a region of a very special charm: in the space of just a few kilometres you move from the glaciers of the alps to the Mediterranean climate of the lakes of Lugano and Locarno. Here you will find small villages where time seems to stand still and modern cities that are open to the world.

The City of Lugano, the main economic centre of Ticino and the third most important Swiss financial hub, is the perfect place to live and work. You will find that the Swiss efficiency fits perfectly with Italian life style in the environment of lush vegetation, immersed in a warm Mediterranean climate.

Lugano offers first class services and infrastructure: its airport is a few miles from the city centre; there are excellent private and public health care facilities, as well as renowned educational institutions, such as the famous American school TASIS, or the Italian University of Switzerland. Not to mention countless options for shopping, sporting and cultural activities. Furthermore, it takes only 40 minutes’ drive to get from Lugano to Milan, or famous tourist resorts such as St. Moritz in just 2 hours by car.