Elena Goncearova


Director of the company, she holds a degree in design and has many years of customer service experience. She is also active in real estate, where she attended a specific SVIT training course.
Languages: Russian, Italian, English.

Elena Goncearova


Member of the Board of Directors, lawyer, co-owner of a Law Firm in Lugano. Mr. Adami is able to provide a wide range of legal services, both nationally and internationally.
Languages: Italian, French, German, English.

Elena Goncearova


Assistant of the direction, diploma of Commercial School Ragioniere e Perito Commerciale, experience in the branch of small and medium-sized private companies.
Languages: Italian, French, English. 

Elena Goncearova


Real estate agent and consultant, she holds a degree in law, has many years of legal and real estate exeperience.
Languages: Italian, English.

Elena Goncearova


Member of the Board of Directors, he holds a degree in Economics and owns a trust. As accountant and real estate administrator Mr. Lanini has a solid track record in national tax consultancy.
Languages: Italian, German, English, French.


Our company was born from the passion of a few professionals, who wanted to bring together and share their experiences and skills, so as to offer a complete range of services to those who wish to make Switzerland the fulcrum of their interests, whether family or economic.

TINAM SA offers its services to both local and international clients. Thanks to the expertise and many years of experience of its members, our company is especially attentive to the needs of Russian speaking clients.

Our company stands out for the completeness and quality of the services we offer to our customers. We are ready to meet their highest demands, by offering assistance and translation services, as well as private, legal and financial consulting.

We also offer a full range of property services, including procuring and selling prestige and high value properties. In this area we monitor and investigate the entire real estate market: in Ticino, in Switzerland and abroad.

TINAM SA does not confine itself to offering its clientele only the properties from its own portfolio but, on request, conducts thorough research of the corresponding sector of the real estate market, in order to find the property that meets the specific needs of the client.

This personalised service allows customers to receive offers directly by email with complete documentation attached, so as to swiftly assess the properties offered in detail, and thus avoid any futile waste of time.

On the basis of specific power of attorney, we can also represent our clients in signing all the deeds necessary for completing a purchase or sale.

Since the 1st of September 2016, TINAM SA, has been the exclusive representative of the prestigious group BARNES INTERNATIONAL REALTY in Ticino.

BARNES, which was founded in London in 1994, has achieved immediate success and rapid development, becoming a worldwide reference point for the prestigious real estate market and a world-renowned luxury brand for its competence.

At the moment BARNES is present in 18 countries, with agencies in some of the most important centres such as London, Paris, New York, Moscow, Geneva, Lisbon, Brussels, Monaco, Montreal, and Barcelona. 

The group figures speak for themselves: over 600 consultants, and 50 agencies, approx. 37'000 properties for sale, transactions made in 2016 for € 3.6 billion.

BARNES is active in a lot of different sectors, addressing each of their clients’ needs in a personalized way. Its highly specialized team the deals with different kinds of property, including, for example, particular properties such as castles, wine estates, equestrian circles, mountain châlets, hunting estates, hotels and so on. In addition to the management of commercial buildings and new real estate promotion, BARNES stands out in the seasonal renting in the most famous international holiday resorts. 

TINAM SA, which operates in Ticino and in Italy, fits in naturally and in perfect harmony with BARNES INTERNATIONAL REALTY, adding to the services offered by BARNES some of its most prestigious real estate proposals with special attention and dedication to the client.